Growth Strategy

O’Rourke Media Group is profit-focused and mission-driven.   Simply put, our priority is to grow revenue and profit, organically and through acquisitions, so that we can invest in our people and continue to support the communities we serve.  Every local community needs a strong local media presence; local businesses need help navigating the fast-changing, digital ecosystem.     

Winning, top-performing sales team.  
Publisher of original reporting and engaging, useful news and information.
Revenue diversification. 
Process improvement and standardization. 
Community outreach and support.   

Acquisition Criteria


Acquire family-owned, local community newspapers that have a strong, reputable brand and editorial presence in the communities they serve.

Target revenue size $1MM to $5MM with an operating margin of 5-10%. We will consider smaller and larger acquisitions if there’s alignment with our strategy.

Target enterprise valuation for acquisitions is 2X to 3X cash flow with reasonable allowance for seller adjustments. Open to assessing value based on a % of revenue.

Tuck-in acquisitions in established markets as long as net income is accretive day one.