About Us

O’Rourke Media Group is a family-owned, community-focused media company.  We produce original reporting and useful news and information for readers in the local communities that we serve.  Our sales teams work with local businesses to provide ROI-driven digital, social media, and print advertising solutions.   
O’Rourke Media Group brings a contrarian business mindset to the media industry, maintains a low-cost corporate infrastructure and decentralized approach to running our business.  We engage with nonprofit and other local organizations to help improve the communities we serve.   
More About Our Approach
  • Lead provider of local community news, useful information, and impactful journalism in the communities we serve. Our reporters live and work in the communities we serve.
  • Top-performing sales team, driven by talented sales leaders and multimedia account executives that interact mostly in-person with local businesses in each of our markets.
  • Internal, full-service digital advertising and marketing agency with a diversified base of small, medium, and large advertisers.
  • Monetization efforts are primarily centered around providing advertising and digital marketing solutions, but we’re also focused on building profitable, recurring reader revenue, both print and digital.
  • Efficient operations with a heavily weighted variable cost structure. Once our playbook takes form (year two or sooner), we achieve healthy profit margins that allow for continued investment in people and business expansion.

Our Core Values:




Expect revenue growth




Hunt for efficiency-always

Embrace change

Challenge legacy work activity

Be Passionate about your work

Bring a positive attitude


Keep it simple

Have fun