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O’Rourke Media Group, launched from ground zero in October 2018, is a family-owned, local community newspaper, digital media, and digital marketing solutions company.   We acquire local community newspapers and apply our strategic playbook to grow revenue and profitably transition to a digital enterprise.   

Competitive Advantage:

  • Content is the centerpiece to our strategy.  We’re a top provider of local community news, useful information and impactful journalism in the communities we serve.  Our content producers live and work in the communities we serve.    
  • Salesforce excellence, driven by locally-based sales leaders and marketing consultants that interact directly and mostly in-person with businesses in each of our markets. 
  • We provide a full suite of ROI-driven marketing solutions and maintain a diversified customer mix—monthly spend levels range from $99/month to $7,500/month.  Additionally, we have a low-cost structure associated with advertising campaign fulfillment. 
  • Operations are run efficiently with a heavily weighted variable cost structure.  Once our playbook takes form (year two or sooner), we achieve healthy profit margins that allow for continued investment in people and business expansion.      
  • We’ve completed eight acquisitions since Dec ‘18. We’re focused on maintaining low debt leverage and building our portfolio to $100MM in revenue and $20MM in EBITDA over the next five years.