Company Update June 5 2024

Internal Promotion

Leota Harriman, currently an account executive at the Optic in Las Vegas, has been promoted to Publisher.  Leota will be responsible for managing the day-to-day business in Las Vegas and will be focused on continuing to drive total revenue growth.
Leota joined OMG last summer and has really made an impact on revenue growth-Las Vegas is +16% from the prior year through May!  Just as importantly, Leota brings great experience with building relationships with key stakeholders in the community, and I’m confident that this will lead to keeping the Optic in the middle of everything going on in Las Vegas.
Prior to joining OMG, Leota was the publisher and owner of the Independent in Edgewood, New Mexico and has engaged with the New Mexico Press Association in a variety of roles over the past 15 years.  Leota already lives in Las Vegas, which is an important criteria for assuming the Publisher role.
We have a really solid, independent team in place at the Optic, and I’m excited about Leota taking the lead to help grow revenue and continue to support the Las Vegas community.
Congrats Leota!!